Iowa City Weekender: December 17-19

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A balmy 29 degrees outside, no complaints from me!  What have we to look forward to this weekend?


Staff Show | Dawn’s Hide and Bead Away (220 E. Washington) | 5 pm | FREE

If your inner crafter was not inspired by last weekend’s events, well… you probably don’t have one.  On the other hand, if you do have a little crafter hiding in there somewhere, and if you are resolved in this new year to heed its call a bit more often, you might be wondering what Iowa City has to offer in the way of raw materials.  Enter Dawn’s Hide and Bead Away, on Washington.  At Dawn’s you can find all kinds of neat, pretty stuff – and you can sign up for classes too, just in case your reborn crafter needs a little nudge.  Tonight, the pros at Dawn’s are having a show starting at 5:00, so stop by for inspiration and ready yourself for a fabulously artful 2010.


Shame Train w/ Firewood Revival and Ben Eaton | The Mill | 9 pm | FREE

happy birthday, sam!

Apologies to those that were looking forward to last week’s in-studio performance from Sam Knutson (Shame Train) – the blasted blizzard of 09 got in the way and we had to postpone.  Look forward to that sometime in January.  If you aren’t sure what you would be looking forward to, stop by the Mill this Friday night – it’s Sam’s birthday and he’s doing a free show with a couple of marvelous supporting acts: Firewood Revival and Ben Eaton.  Happy birthday, Sam Knutson!  Thanks for the it’s-my-birthday-but-I’m-giving-you-a present!!

The Gglitch w/ Clean Livin’ | Yacht Club | 9 pm | $6

This weekend may be relatively quiet, predictable as the semester comes to a close, but apparently the Picador is taking a bit of a break for the holidays.  Seriously!  A Holiday Break for the Picador! After Thursday night’s double decker dance party and Saturday night’s soul party – probably just another DJ night – their online calendar is clear… Sounds to me like the Picador is missing Doug Roberson just as much as this town’s live music scene is missing the Picador’s legendary predecessor, Gabe’s Oasis.  Coincidence?

Thankfully, the Yacht Club and The Mill are providing reliable (practically nightly) live-music entertainment.


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This Friday night you can catch long-time Iowa City bands Clean Livin’ and The Gglitch down in the ole basement bar on Linn St., The ICYC.

At least we have another double decker bar to look forward to in 2010, the Blue Moose Tap House, where the legend himself, Doug Roberson, is booking.

I repeat: Holiday Break?!?!? Seriously….


Commencement | U of I | various times | oh, about $30,000

Congratulations, graduates – Unless you studied hard (or lifted weights really really hard) and got yourself a full-ride, or maybe if you were born into money and parents that insisted on doing all the heavy lifting for you, you have just managed to voluntarily subject yourself to a life of servitude to the richest government on the planet.  I hope you have enjoyed your student loans while they lasted, ’cause it’s time to pay the piper!  Ha ha, no, seriously, congratulations, you’ve got like 6 months before you have to pay the piper, and besides, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding very gratifying work.

Along the way, please remember these wise words from Alan Watts:

Have a great Weekend!


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