Iowa City man attempts to burn a flag in protest of Trump inauguration

A man tries to wrestle a burning flag away from Andrew Alemao who lit it on fire as a protest on Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. -- photo by Zak Neumann
A man tries to wrestle a burning flag away from Andrew Alemao who lit it on fire as a protest of Trump’s inauguration on Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. — photo by Zak Neumann

Iowa City resident Andrew Alemao attempted to burn a flag Friday on the Iowa City Ped Mall as an act of protest against the Trump inauguration. Alemao was interrupted by a bystander who disapproved of the act and wrestled with him, trying to take the flag away.

Police arrived quickly and diffused the situation. As of publication, the Iowa City Police Department had not responded to a request for additional information. No charges appear to have been filed at this time.


  1. Good on ya, LV. Thanks for covering this. The guy stopping him was a bully boy. Wish Yale Cohn had been there to grab him by his tie and let Old Glory burn.

  2. I strongly support the right to burn the flag and think the guy who did it is an idiot. Yes, protest Trump. Yes, hold folks accountable. Yes, march and demand changes. DO NOT CEDE THE MOST POWERFUL SYMBOL OF OUR NATION TO THE RACISTS AND KLEPTOCRATS WE JUST ELECTED. Today, protest is patriotic and we need all our tools to build a better country.

  3. That flag is a simple for the men and women that have died to protect our country and rights as U.S. citizens! You are a fucking ass hole for burning it! I would like to see what exactly you have done for our country!

    1. *asshole

      And you maybe should study your history. The last time the US was successfully invaded was during the War of 1812. That was the last time our freedom was threatened by a military power. Since then, all the freedom threats have come from the federal and state governments.

        1. They said successfully and invaded…Pearl Harbor proved neither successful for the opposition. Nor did they invade us…brush up on your history as well as grammar and spelling…your statement should have read “You dumb ass, how about Pearl Harbor? ” or “You’re a dumb ass. How about Pearl Harbor”…now, go and learn before you open your dumb ass mouth or type stuff that you have absolutely NO idea on!

    1. Maybe because he knows 1.2 million Americans have died for that flag! Show some respect! Just remember who defends your right to freedom

      1. People who defend the right to express the first amendment are closer to defending your “right to freedom” than military fighting proxy wars in countries over fossil fuel contracts and access rights. If you think the US military is fighting for anything other than that, you’re delusional.

        1. yup you are right our involvement and those who died in WWII was just about fossil fuel contracts and access rights. The US military members do not make decisions on where they are sent and which wars to fight, that is done by the POTUS and Congress. I joined the military to protect our way of life and to protect this country and the American Flag is the symbol of the country. That being said, it is right to burn the flag if he so wishes, but by him doing so he violated Iowa City Code Section 6-6-1: Open burning prohibited.

      2. I’m pretty sure the Americans who die in combat aren’t dying for the flag. Most of them die to protect their buddies in their unit. They may have signed up for blindly patriotic reasons, but a few days of combat show how stupid that rationale is. Ask anyone who served in combat and they’ll tell you that the flag and apple pie stuff is bullshit.

        1. You are what’s wrong with this country!! Like I said before you are a coward and it amuses me reading your comments. You know nothing about the sacrifices my brothers and sisters have done for you. Here’s a fact I see someone burning a flag I kick there ass

        2. I believe you truly are an idiot! My father spent 21 years in the military away from his family for many years to fight for his country. My daughter spent several years doing the same. I will guarantee you that if my Dad had been standing next to that flag burner, that protestor would have been hauled away in an ambulance. If you think this country is so bad then I know many Americans that would gladly pack your bags for you to leave it borders!

          1. Sounds a lot like your father became the opposite of a patriot. Blindly defending a piece of cloth against an act of protest that’s protected by the 1st amendment and all… It’d be nice if you people could make up your minds and decide if you actually like the constitution of the united States of America or not. But hey, maybe if you don’t like it you can cross your nearest border?

  4. i like how everyone can be “anonymous” anymore now…stand up and be counted..i ain’t afraid…my name is Scooter…and you can find me most nights at Joe’s….love to have a conversation….

  5. Iove it or leave it Jacob & Karen got it right Joshua & Rob have there head up there ass and don’t know anything about men & women in the military. You dum ass get the hell out

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