ICPD releases names of officers involved in shooting, charges man shot with unrelated crimes

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Photo by Matty Ring via Flickr.

On Tuesday morning, the Iowa City Police Department released the names of the officers involved in Thursday’s shooting incident behind The Second Act consignment and vintage clothing store. The statement also names the individual who was shot.

Officer Travis Neeld, an Iowa City Officer for 10 years, and Officer Alex Stricker, an officer for 9 years, responded to two burglar alarms at the Pizza Hut and Second Act businesses on the south side of the city. While investigating, officers located Michael Arturo Cintron Caceres, 34, in the area of the businesses. A foot chase ensued and Caceres was located in a fenced area at Big Ten Rentals, 1820 Boyrum Street, where the shooting occurred.

According to the statement, Cintron Caceres remains hospitalized and is in stable condition. Cintron Caceres is currently facing no charges related to what happened early Thursday morning, but has been “charged with two counts of Robbery 1st Degree for previous incidents unrelated to Thursday’s events” ICPD said.

Applications for both arrest warrants show that Cintron Caceres was not charged with either robbery until the day after he was shot.

The shooting remains under investigation by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. ICPD Chief Jody Matherly requested the investigation. “It’s our standard procedure,” ICPD Public Information Officer Sgt. Derek Frank told Little Village.

The shooting on Thursday was the first time since 2011 that ICPD officers had discharged their firearms in the line of duty.

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  1. So, he was armed or what? It’s kind of disturbing that it’s completely up to the police to tell the public just as much as they care to about bullets flying in our city. Just let us know when you’re done investigating yourselves and what you’ve decided. Thanks.

    1. Remember Eric Shaw? They investigated that one also and determined it was okay to murder a depressed kid talking on the phone inside the family business. Guaranteed they will find no fault here.

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