Ice fishing workshop to tackle Kent Park Lake

Ice Fishing
Catch some fresh air while ice fishing. — photo by Sam Howzit via Flickr Creative Commons

The lakes of Iowa are now officially frozen over! To take advantage of the frigid conditions, F.W. Kent Park will host an ice fishing clinic this Sunday, Jan. 11 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. at Kent Park Lake in Oxford, IA (2048 Hwy 6 NW).

Ice fishing huts are often constructed on the frozen lake in the morning. It’s important to note that different types of fish are active at different times throughout the day, so ice fishing can easily become an all-day venture. Sydney Algreen, a naturalist at the Johnson County Conservation Department, is hopeful that the fish at Kent Park’s lake will be restless during the clinic on Sunday.

“We expect to catch some fish, although, with the thick layer of snow on the ice that we now have, the fish may not be as active,” Algreen explained. “The snow will block the light for the fish below the ice, and this can make them inactive for a period of time.”

During the winter months, there are usually many opportunities for ice fishing depending on the weather. Kent Park has hosted several of these clinics in the past.

“If the weather is pleasant we usually have a great turnout and most people catch a fish or two,” Algreen said.

Algreen says the clinic is geared towards novice and experienced fishers alike.

“The equipment we use is great for beginners, and experienced fishing pros will be present at the event to provide instruction and answer questions.”

The ice fishing clinic is free and open to all members of the public. Adults who wish to participate must possess a valid fishing license, available for immediate purchase at locations like Fin and Feather (125 Hwy. 1), Theisen’s Home Farm Auto (1800 51st St. Northeast, Cedar Rapids) and North Dodge Hy-Vee (1201 N. Dodge St.).

Reservations are not required for this event, but there is a limited amount of ice fishing equipment that will be provided, so participants are encouraged to register by calling 319-645-1011 or emailing Sydney Algreen. The event is subject to cancellation due to its reliance on ice and weather conditions.

Correction: The ice fishing clinic will take place on Sunday, Jan. 11. A previous version of this article mentioned Saturday, incorrectly. Little Village regrets this error.

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