Green Gravel to host improv comedy workshop for all levels

Chris Trew
Comedian Chris Trew will lead this weekend’s improve workshops.

Test your chops at improv this Friday and Saturday, Feb. 27-28 when Public Space One hosts an improv workshop as part of the Green Gravel Comedy Festival.

The workshop will be led by Chris Trew, a teacher, touring comedian and co-founder of the New Movement comedy collective based in New Orleans and Austin. He wrote the 2013 book, Improv Wins, a textbook created to introduce all levels of improvisers to this form performance. Like his book, his workshop will be geared toward people of all backgrounds and experience in improvisational comedy.

“I don’t think its easy, but yes, I think with the right training and a clear path on how to stage time, anyone can become a good improviser,” said Trew. “For some people it comes easier, sure, but if you were ever interested in dipping your toes in the improv pond, Green Gravel is making it easy for you to do that this weekend.”

The classes will take place over two days, and each workshop will offer a different method of getting acquainted with improv. Friday’s session will teach students how every scene can be fueled by the very first compelling thing that happens, and how that can be used to sustain the rest of the performance.

Saturday will focus on patterns and devices, and students will learn how each scene has a map to follow that helps lead where the scene is going to next. This class will help students find that map as quickly as possible through various exercises.

People can attend just one or both of the workshops. Each course costs $35, and tickets can be purchased online. A copy of Trew’s book Improv Wins is included in the cost of either course. Both will take place at PS1; the Friday workshop is from 5-7 p.m. and the Saturday class from 1-3 p.m.

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