God help us: Iowa State students may have found a Veishea replacement

Watch: Crowds riot in Ames, Iowa during the Veishea 2014 festival

Despite last week’s announcement that Iowa State University’s annual spring festival, Veishea, will no longer be held due to chronic rabble-rousing (i.e., out of control riots), students at the Big 12 school may have already found an unofficial replacement.

On August 7, the same day that Iowa State University President Steven Leath announced the festival’s cancellation, an event hosted by SEEK Entertainment Company popped up on Facebook titled, “Weishea 2015,” with the disclaimer, “This event will be run exclusively by Iowa State Students.”

“Even though Veishea is dead, we believe it is our destiny as students to make sure the music tradition continues,” the Ames-based company wrote.

In the few days since, the event has amassed more than 1,300 confirmed guests with several thousand invitations still in limbo. SEEK Entertainment, meanwhile, was quick to capitalize on the enthusiastic response, promptly changing the festival’s name from “Weishea 2015” to the “SEEK Spring Music Festival.” Marketing brilliance!

The festival, which promises to carry on the spirit of Veshea, is currently slated for April 8-12, 2015, but little is known about the actual event itself. SEEK Entertainment Company has not yet responded to Little Village‘s requests for comment, nor is it clear where the festival will take place, or who might perform.

So, is Veishea dead? Oh yes, absolutely. But hey, at least there’s this.

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