Dorm cooking 2.0: Class to highlight gourmet meals made in the microwave

Dorm Room Gourmet will ditch prepackaged microwave staples in favor of meals made with local ingredients. — photo by frankieleon via Flickr Creative Commons

Dorm Room Gourmet: An educational dinner and Local Food Celebration

Public Space One — Saturday, April 25 at 5 p.m.

In a college town where many residents don’t have kitchens, microwave meals of ramen and frozen burritos can become an inevitable part of the culinary experience. This Saturday though, three local chefs are teaming up with Local Foods Connection to host Dorm Room Gourmet, a cooking class that intends to expand the understanding of microwaves and toaster oven by using them to make meals with local ingredients.

Mason Fillmore from Ride, Andrea Ford from Fairgrounds Coffee/Howling Dogs Bakery and Kyle Sieck from Local Burrito Catering will teach the course while whipping up tasty, healthy meals that anyone can make within the comfort of their dorm room or small apartment.

The demonstration will highlight local, fresh ingredients that are affordable for those on a budget and simple to prepare. Chefs will present dishes that cost less than $4 per serving and can be made in under 15 minutes. Visitors will have the chance to sample some of the dishes, with the hopes that everyone will leave with a full stomach and a few new recipe ideas to try out.

In addition to instructing on how to make meals with appliances, Cassidy Bell, the Program Coordinator at Local Foods Connection, the class hopes to impart knowledge of healthy living, especially for college students.

“I think students should especially be conscious of what they eat. This is the time that young adults are finding their routines and figuring out what they like,” said Bell. “If we encourage them to make local food a part of that lifestyle, there’s a better chance they will continue to hold healthy eating as a priority.”

Following the cooking demonstration, local musicians Slew Grass will perform a set. The event is open to all and costs $8 at the door or $5 with the donation of a canned good.