Style Points: Strange beauty

Strange Beauty

Let me nutshell this: So several years ago I saw some ancient marble sculptures in Italy. They depicted women; serene and otherworldly, gazing mysteriously through wet, draped fabric. The official tour guide told us sculpting in this manner, creating this believable and magical illusion, indicated the highest mastery level for sculptors. […]

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Style Points: Spring has arrived

I hope you kept your black combat boots and grunge tees from the ’90s, because, if you haven’t, you are going to wish you had for spring! The difference is that in 2013, we juxtapose them with beautiful feminine pieces like a draped neon dress and delicate necklaces instead of exclusively with the baggy oversized jeans and plaids of yore. […]

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Style Points: When Les Dames and IC Kings collide

IC Kings

Iowa City’s own drag queen group, IC Kings, recently joined forces with Les Dames Burlesque d’Iowa City for a one-night gig at the Mill. In their collaborative acts, the Kings looked even more “Kingly” standing next to the ultra-feminine expressions of Les Dames. Painstakingly creating their male expressions from scratch in daring and original ways, as one audience member remarked, during the large group numbers it was easy to forget that it was, in fact, all female performers on stage. […]

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