Style Points: Talismanic Jewelry

Lucky Charms, Mojo Trinkets, Protective Amulets: Jewelry en Garde

Wearing objects believed to possess magical, auspicious, or protective powers is hardly a new trend as ancient cultures of all kinds are known to have crafted and worn such items. Made from precious metals, semi-precious stones, and glass; this type of jewelry is making a strong appearance this Fall. From hamsa hands, to cobalt blue Greek evil eyes, consider yourself a lucky duck if you have your own lucky charms on this season.

This kind of jewelry is sometimes associated with one’s heritage (for example, my Irish-American roots have me occasionally wearing shamrock and claddaugh rings and pins) or even trinkets picked up on travels abroad. Lately, however I have been wearing a pair of Italian Horn (also known as a “Corno” , which means “horn” in Italian) earrings simply because they are working so well with my late summer tank dresses, cotton patterned blouses and tunics. And who knows, maybe they ARE good luck!

No longer just for deeply tanned Florida retirees, the golden horn, somtimes also referred to as a “tusk” is a unisex charm that just may or may not impart protective properties to reflect back any evil eyes cast one’s way. My favorite tusk earrings right now come from Jami.

The earrings are 14K gold plate with anti-tarnish sealant, 14K gold filled for $95.
The earrings are 14K gold plate with anti-tarnish sealant — 14K gold filled ($95). — Photo by Jason Levi Smith

Do you have a lucky charm that you like to wear? Tell us about it!