Style Points: Talking high/low hems at Revival

hemlowfullRecently I had the pleasure of chatting with Sheila of Revival about a trend that we are seeing (technically, continuing to see) this fall: the High/Low hem, a.k.a. “mullet skirt.” This hemline has actually been around for decades and reappears every so often. The first time yours truly ever saw this type of hem was in the mid ’80s on Axl Rose’s long-stemmed rose/supermodel Stephanie Seymour.

Sure, while the excessive hem discrepancy was appropriate for the 80’s, proportion is key to wearing this look right now.

Sheila also walked us through some of the basic tenets of wearing the high/low hem. (I can’t bring myself to call it a mullet). ¬†She tells us in the video that a good “drop range” is 6-8 inches of difference between the front and the back. Solid.

I personally I love wearing that type of hem to show off a pair of fantastic heels. It is like a frame for your lower legs and feet.

Tonya and Sheila talk hems at Revival

Video by Jason Smith