Style Points: (W)rapping about scarves at Revival

Let me bottom-line something to you. You need to test-drive a scarf if you’re not already into them. Do you see other people successfully wearing scarves and wish you could “carry it off”? You totally CAN. It is way easier than you think. In the short video below, I visit Anna Wickes at Revival and we have a secret scarf meeting where I show a couple of different EASY ways to wear a scarf.

Style Points
This scarf is also a nice wallhanging. — photo by Tonya Kehoe

If you are texture-sensitive like me (nothing scratchy! no tags! no pokey plastic stitching!)…a nice lightweight cotton, or silk/cotton or cashmere/silk feels good wrapped about your neck and face and probably won’t overheat you either. Some of the poly-blends are fine too, as long as it is a breathable weave.

Scarves are like a pendant necklace. They serve to polish up a casual outfit in the most effortless way possible. Choose colors and patterns that you personally like and just start wearing them. No need to be too “matchy” with them — for instance: a bright pink scarf can look great with other brights or you can use it as a pop of color while wearing all black or grey.

The scarves I saw at Revival the other day were very reasonably priced ($12-$42) and since they are accessories you can wear all season and for years, scarves at any price-point tend to be a very good wardrobe investment.

Video by Jason Smith

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