On The Beat: Buddy System

As summer begins to wind down and the population of Iowa City rises to full student capacity once again, it can feel a little stuffy. This feeling passes though, with the awareness that more bodies also means more demand for entertainment. Each new impressionable mind has the potential to be swayed into a seeing a […]

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Landfall Festival of World Music – September 19-22

The words “World Music,” when used as an all-encapsulating genre of music can often be tricky and misleading. How can so many unique sounds from all over the globe be compartmentalized into one simplified phrase? It doesn’t make sense, and that’s where the “World Music” festival comes in—the showcase of many of these sounds in […]

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A-List: Insects: A Collection in Multiple Dimensions

Insects: A Collection in Multiple Dimensions By Kevin Chamberlain Old Capitol Museum Open May through July | FREE We’ve all been to museums featuring bug collections, but the current exhibit in the Old Capital Museum takes the idea a step further. University of Iowa graduate student, Kevin Chamberlain is a third-year MFA candidate with a […]

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Sharon Van Etten Interview

I’m fairly new to this music journalism thing, but I have enough sense to know when an interview is entering a downward spiral. When Sharon Van Etten had to ask, “are you okay?” mid-interview, I knew I was in trouble. Minutes before my phone date with Miss Van Etten, my roommate knocked on my door, […]

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Bowerbirds Interview

Bowerbirds w/ Sharon Van Etten, The Lonelyhearts, Alexis Stevens The Mill | Friday, March 30 | 8 p.m. | $15/18 TICKETS When Phil Moore and his band, Bowerbirds played the Mission Creek Festival in 2009, they silenced a packed Mill crowd with their brand of bare-boned acoustic folk. I remember walking away that night with […]

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A-List: ICCSA Launch Party at Leaf Kitchen Dec. 18

If you’ve spent any time at Public Space One over the past few years, you’ve probably noticed some of the remarkable ways in which the art gallery has evolved. The public art space takes its next leap this month with the unveiling of Iowa City Community Supported Art.

The ICCSA borrows its basic concept from Community Supported Agriculture, a program in which “shareholders” pledge to support local farmers in return for a cut of the season’s harvest. In this case, the “shareholders” (here called “subscribers”) are art enthusiasts and the “farmers” are local artists. ICCSA subscribers will receive six unique pieces of art over six months for their (tax deductible) donations. […]

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