Artist profile: QC lamp lover Mike Steele

With his recent multimedia avant-garde ode to light fixtures, experimental artist Mike Steele demonstrates the potential of creative constraints and a renaissance of absurdism. Eastern Iowa and other QC live music fans already know Steele as the human giant who has introduced bands at Codfish Hollow, the Rust Belt, RIBCo and other staples of the […]

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Album Review: Pollinators — ‘Return Home’

At first listen, Pollinators’ new album, Return Home (out Oct. 4) seems to be from an era that never existed, but should have. It’s a version of the 1990s where Jer Bear got healthy and the swing revival never happened. Energizing guitar riffs make you want to lace up your Docs and jam. It sounds like Weezer before and after their pop makeover […]

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Get plugged in to Benjamin Fawks’ Outlet series at Rozz-Tox

An Outlet performance is an experience, says curator Benjamin Fawks. It’s not just a concert, and audiences aren’t just going to be entertained. Japanese master percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani, performing on Sunday, April 7, is definitively innovative as he tests the limits of his homemade bows and gongs. His genre is typically labeled “jazz,” but what he does is beyond labels. […]

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