Album Review: Quick Piss — Rock n Roll Impotence

Quick Piss

Rock n Roll Impotence

Grab your brown bag and slip into the mosh pit. Des Moines-based basement dwellers Quick Piss have released their first studio album, Rock n Roll Impotence.

Illustration via Quick Piss
Illustration via Quick Piss

Some songs have more teeth than others. The eponymous opening track comes in fast and thrashing, while “Thoroughly Fucked” leads with trembling lyrics like, “This night is a vacuum, and I’m all for a coup d’etat,” before a heavy bass line brings the listener through the chorus and into the shredded bridge. Others, like “A Freudian Slipped” and “I.W.B.Y.S.”, bring a bouncy, classic London-style punk sound.

Some tunes are downright catchy and nonsensical—enter “666 Upside Down Crucifix,” in which unrequited love elicits devil-worship, despite having “a chorus and a brand new suit.”

The closing track, “Q.P.I.G.F.Y.S.” is the conceptual embodiment of this dichotomy. The bold, eight-minute track opens with an up-tempo pop punk beat, then flows between deft guitar riffs and moody, ambient frequency breakdowns, before finally sputtering to a faded-out buzz — all set to the chorus: “Quick Piss is gunna fuck your shit.”

While the lyrics and demeanor of the band bring to mind angry revolts against suburbia and haphazard, lo-fi garage efforts, the album is extremely well made. Producer Patrick Tape Fleming and engineer Matt Sepanic have worked with big name groups like the Poison Control Center and Slipknot, respectively.

They bring a clear window into the thick chaos of Quick Piss, balancing vocals and instrumentals sharply while making feedback and fret buzz feel intentional.

Rock n Roll Impotence rests comfortably with fellow “weird punk” albums like Royal Brat’s Negative Bone and Nots’ Cosmetic. As a self-professed “incendiary care package for the fed up and fucked up”, Quick Piss doesn’t care if you like them or if you throw their album out the window when you’re done. But their debut demands a listen, and they’re going to rapidly become a mainstay for Midwest punks.

Whether you’re bopping along to the beach punk chord progressions, or banging your head with the rapid drums and screamed vocals, one thing is obvious: Rock n Roll Impotence comes through on its promise to give everyone “an opportunity to get their shit fucked.”

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 207.

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