Album Review: Traffic Death — Dead End

Let me start out by saying that it brings me so much joy that we have, here in Iowa, a label like Sump Pump Records, that continually releases top-notch metal records. They’re no one-trick pony; they release other genres all the time, including many albums that have been reviewed positively on this page. But someone there knows their heavy music, and I always feel a little rush of joy whenever I open an email or a package from Sump Pump, because I know it’s going to contain something kickass.

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Album Review: Quick Piss — Rock n Roll Impotence

Illustration via Quick Piss

Quick Piss Rock n Roll Impotence Grab your brown bag and slip into the mosh pit. Des Moines-based basement dwellers Quick Piss have released their first studio album, Rock n Roll Impotence. Some songs have more teeth than others. The eponymous opening track comes in fast and thrashing, while “Thoroughly Fucked” leads with trembling […]

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