Battle rappers are making a scene in Des Moines

“Sometimes, it’s real beef or real grudges that need to be settled on stage,” $ANTHI said of the rap battles he’s been part of over the past two decades. “Sometimes rappers get called out, egos clash, shade is thrown. Some people are picky about who they battle. Some don’t care, and will attempt murder on […]

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Album Review: Traffic Death — Dead End

Let me start out by saying that it brings me so much joy that we have, here in Iowa, a label like Sump Pump Records, that continually releases top-notch metal records. They’re no one-trick pony; they release other genres all the time, including many albums that have been reviewed positively on this page. But someone there knows their heavy music, and I always feel a little rush of joy whenever I open an email or a package from Sump Pump, because I know it’s going to contain something kickass.

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Album Review: Quick Piss — Rock n Roll Impotence

Illustration via Quick Piss

Quick Piss Rock n Roll Impotence Grab your brown bag and slip into the mosh pit. Des Moines-based basement dwellers Quick Piss have released their first studio album, Rock n Roll Impotence. Some songs have more teeth than others. The eponymous opening track comes in fast and thrashing, while “Thoroughly Fucked” leads with trembling […]

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