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Posted by Weekender | Sep 20, 2012

Iowa City has plenty to offer this weekend, but we'll get to that in a minute. As it turns out, some of our neighbors have pretty exciting things happening too....

Posted by Stephanie Catlett | Apr 5, 2010

Somewhere, maybe at this very moment, there is a woman or a young girl locked in her bedroom, lying face up on a small bed, falling through an abyss of...

Posted by Weekender | Aug 27, 2008

[update: we mistakenly listed the Amana Beer Festival on Saturday. The event actually takes place on Sunday] First a plug...LV works tirelessly to bring you weekend goodies every Wednesday. If...

Posted by Weekender | Jul 9, 2008

The weather has ruled my summer. The past month has been spent preparing for and recoiling from the floods...that one's a given. But from rained-out softball games to the perfect-sky...