Mission Creek Festival Spotlight: Mister Lies


Mission Creek Spotlight: Mister Lies

Thursday, April 4 // 9:00 p.m. // Yacht ClubMister Lies w. Ex-Action Model

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Thursday, April 4 // 9:00 p.m. // Yacht Club
Mister Lies w. Ex-Action Model
Mission Creek Festival // Iowa City // April 2-7, 2013 // Tickets

Columbia College student Nick Zanca, also known as mastermind producer Mister Lies, is scheduled to play a show at the Yacht Club on Thursday, April 4. He combines looping vocal lines with sweeping synth and sharp percussion and bass to create mesmerizing dance tracks. His first studio album, Mowgli, came out on February 28 and has received high marks from critics for his remarkable ability to innovate and experiment across genres.

Mister Lies – False Astronomy (Official Video)nicholasatorres
New Mister Lies is fun and chill. Perfect to satisfy yr IDM-hungerRyo Miyauchi
More from Mister Lies’ new record Mowgli below.
AlignMOWGLI (LEFSE051)2.26.2013
Granted Daft Punk may be coming out with an album this year but "Align" by Mister Lies will be the best electronic track of 2013. RidiculousSam culley
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