Your Village: What’s being built across the street from Hamburg Inn No. 2?

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219 N. Linn St. under construction. Feb. 12, 2018. — photo by Paul Brennan

What is being built across from Hamburg Inn No. 2 where the substation used to be? — Jackie from Iowa City, via Facebook.

The answer is the one you’d expect in Iowa City: apartments. Or to be more precise: apartments, mostly.

The former site of a MidAmerican Energy substation is now the future site of a three-story building. According to plans filed with the city, the ground level will feature retail space, and three parking spaces. The top two floors of the 3,400-square-foot building will be divided between two one-bedroom apartments and one two-bedroom apartment.

The building is a project of Allen Homes, whose offices are located next to the site.


  1. With all the apartments, the people who live in them must have cars, where do they park their cars? With all the $signs in the air, do the builders and the city not think of where these people park. Parking is already at a premium in Iowa City. It’s why people think twice about going anywhere near downtown.

  2. Three cheers for Jesse Allen’s work in the Northside Neighborhood – merging older and newer styles to create something that fits, but doesn’t conform – which is what Northside is all about.

    My only question is: how big is the retail space? If small, that’s cool; small is a great size for startups and classics, and Northside is a great place for both. Just saying, one of the future projects up here could focus on going long, because that’s a type of space we’re short on. You know, 15′-20′ across but almost the whole lot in length? “Depth of stock”, literal and figurative, is important to some retail models. Variety of spaces makes for variety of shops!

  3. Given the large apartment building on the west side of 32nd Street NW, townhouses could be considered as transitional infill from the apartments to the single-family homes in the neighborhood.

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