Your Village: What happened to the flood marker by the Highway 6 bridge?

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Looking southeast over the Iowa River during flooding. — photo by Frank via Flickr

Is the city going to replace the water-level marker by the Highway 6 bridge over the Iowa River? It looks like it’s been taken down, perhaps due to the work on the new park, but it was always nice to see how high or low the Iowa River was and where the high water mark hit in 2008. — Sue, Iowa City, via Facebook

“The sign was actually taken down when the wastewater plant was demolished,” Iowa City Director of Parks and Recreation Juli Seydell Johnson said.

The North Wastewater Treatment Plant, which was located at 1000 S Clinton St, was demolished in 2015. That plant was vulnerable to flooding, as the events of 2008 proved.

“There aren’t any plans at the moment to replace [the marker], but once we got the question, we started talking over the possibility of adding it [to the new Riverfront Crossings Park],” Seydell Johnson said. “So, the answer is maybe.”

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