Yacht Club 4/13 Raw Punk Power & The Easter Parade: Full Sets To Download!

Sam Locke Ward texted me a request to record this show, which was all the reason I needed. I don’t know if it’s even necessary to say that everyone involved in this show I consider a friend, and that beyond that, I’m a fan, and if that wasn’t enough, I’ve played with, or done audio production work for, nearly everyone involved. So this was definitely a family affair.

And may I mention again — The Yacht Club is a great sounding room, and I love the basement ambience.

Pete Balestrieri is someone I can’t get enough recordings of, as every performance is unique. This set includes Irving Berlin’s “Easter Parade” which was my request.
[audio:|titles=Live 4/13/2011 @ Yacht Club|artists=Pete Balestrieri] [dl url=”” title=”Pete Balestrieri” desc=”Download” align=”left” ]

Michael Sarah (get it) is Michael (didn’t catch the last name) and Sarah Mannix of the departed but beloved band Mannix. White Stripes has given guitar & drum duos permission to exist but I think they only covered a small part of the possible territory for this configuration. Michael Sarah is more punk, less blues, and charmingly ragged.
[audio:|titles=Live 4/13/2011 @ Yacht Club|artists=Michael Sarah] [dl url=”” title=”Michael Sarah” desc=”Download” align=”left”]

Box Knifes is pure trashy, glittery girl punk. Liz Preciado (of the equally beloved/departed Family Van) takes center stage with her crude lyrics and yelping vocal style. Every song sounds about the same, and that’s what’s great.
[audio:|titles=Live 4/13/2011 @ Yacht Club|artists=BoxKnifes] [dl url=”” title=”BoxKnifes” desc=”Download” align=”left”]

At the end of a multi-state tour with Joe Jack Talcum, Sam Locke Ward & Manhorse were tight and ferocious.
[audio:|titles=Live 4/13/2011 @ Yacht Club|artists=Sam Lock Ward V Manhorse] [dl url=”” title=”SLW vs Manhorse” desc=”Download” align=”left”]

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