Wire: ‘Unskewed Polls’ guy figures that since Obama is gay, he’s probably not a Muslim

Barack Obama
Barack Obama speaks at Prince George’s County Community College. — photo by Jay Baker


Our friends at Talking Points Memo think it’s news that Dean Chambers, the delusional data debaucher who gave the world “Unskewed Polls” to prove that Mitt Romney would win the election by eleventy-hundred electoral votes, is pretty sure that Barack Obama is a gay homosexual person who likes men. But this is not actually news! Dean Chambers, after all, was insisting back in May of this year that Obama was too busy with a cocaine-fueled gaysex orgy to save American heroes in Benghazi. Now, to be sure, Dean Chambers does have a new blog post “revealing” the Unbearable Gayness of Barack, but that’s not much of a surprise — the real surprise is that Chambers has done him some logic, and has decided to throw overboard a whole different Barack Obama Conspiracy Theory. If Obama’s gay, says Chambers, then he is probably not Muslim. This is pretty bold thinking for a wingnut, and we sincerely hope that Chambers does not suffer reprisals for his unorthodox views. He could very well be the target of a vicious wedgie attack.

Chambers relies on the usual bunch of wackaloons for his “proof” that Obama is gay (and it is a matter of some slight concern that we recognize the names of the leading Obama-is-gay theorists, much less that such a crowd exists). You got your Larry Sinclair, who’s been making a living of sorts since 2008 off his story that he shared cocaine & beejays with Barack in Chicago. You got your WND mainstay Dr. Doctor Jerome Corsi, PhD, who has a Doctor Of Smarts degree from Harvard and has done in-depth analysis of Barack Obama’s gay wedding ring, and of course Corsi’s favorite source, a blogger named Kevin DuJan, who just Knows Stuff about Gay Chicago. Taken together, they present irrefutable evidence that the President of the United States is (dare we reveal this?) a great topic for fanciful conspiracy theories.

But the one sorta-new thing that Chambers contributes to the Obama’s-a-poofter field is his reasoned rejection of the notion that Barry is (still) a Muslim:

This might well be why Obama actually is a Christian, and at some point chose to become one. Christians don’t hate gays; Christians who believe that homosexuality is wrong take the humane approach of loving the sinner and opposing the sin. Muslims, on the other hand, have been known to stone someone for being gay.

Would you be a Muslim if it put you as [sic] risk for being killed because of your lifestyle choices?

There you go: Muslims kill the gheys, but Christians just pray for them to stop being ghey, and so it only stands to reason that Barack Hussein Obama is not a Muslim (anymore).

And people say these guys are unreasonable.

By Doktor Zoom

[ via TPM via a tip from N.N.]