Wire: Tyrannical justice department will sue to force its ‘let everybody vote’ agenda on North Carolina

North Carolina Capitol
North Carolina has been cracking down on voter fraud, or something. — photo by Jim Bowen


The U.S. Department of Justice will sue to block North Carolina’s terrible new voter suppression laws, according to the Associated Press. Attorney General Eric Holder seems to think that even after the Supreme Court threw out part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the rest of it still remains in effect and the federal government has an interest in ensuring that blacks and poors can vote, so he will ram equality down North Carolina’s throat. Why is Holder so indifferent to the state legislature’s perfectly legitimate desire to engineer a voting advantage for the Republican party?

The voting law was passed as part of North Carolina’s summer festival of awful legislation, and it doesn’t stop at requiring voters to have a state-issued photo ID, because that would still allow a lot of undesirable poors and minorities to vote. So the NC lege threw in some other nifty tricks, like strict limits on where people can vote, cutting out a week of early voting, and eliminating same-day registration. They did simplify one aspect of Election Day: It will now be a lot easier for voters’ eligibility to be challenged by opposition groups.

The Justice Department will focus on four of the provisions, challenging the elimination of same-day registration, the cuts in early voting, restrictions on counting provisional ballots, and the big one, the voter ID requirement:

In North Carolina, a recent state board of elections survey found that hundreds of thousands of registered voters did not have a state-issued ID. Many of those voters are young, black, poor or elderly.

But that’s just crazy talk, because as everybody knows, getting an ID is super-easy, as elderly voters in Texas are learning. Besides, how else can North Carolina make sure there’s no voting fraud? Not that there’s any voting fraud right now, but it’s just logical that the fewer people are allowed to vote, the fewer will be able to commit fraud.

Besides, if people don’t like the outcome of North Carolina elections, they can always seek 2nd amendment solutions, because it’s still pretty darned easy to get a gun.

By Doktor Zoom

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