Wire: Dozens of neo-confederates plan rally to save Southern whiteness

The League of the South feels their culture is being “replaced.” — photo by Patrick Feller


Our good Tennessee blogfriend Southern Beale sends us a tip about a rally — if you can call something attended by “the tens not hundreds these days” a “rally” — being held this weekend by the Neo-Confederate “League of the South.” And talk about a catchy theme for a gathering of wingnuts! The League is going to protest against something they’re calling “Southern Demographic Displacement,” which involves this dandy little conspiracy theory: the two big wars started by the Bush Administration (and the little civil war that Obama dropped some bombs onto) were really just part of a larger plot by the Federal Gummint to destroy White Southern Culture:

The Feds attack countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and then bring vast numbers of the people from those countries and place them in places such as Shelbyville, Tennessee — greatly altering the demographics, culture and politics of such places.

And you thought those wars had something to do with terrorism and 9/11! You just don’t see the big picture — they were really just an excuse to create refugees in brown-people countries and then import those scary Muslims to Tennessee, as “part of a broader anti-Southern and anti-White agenda”! Yes, they’ve got their Robert E. Lee Underoos in a twist, all right.

So the League of the South is going to march — or at least walk around some — in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville Friday to let the world know about the injustice of this “demographic warfare” against Southern Culture. Urban legend fans will be delighted to know that one of their grievances is that Tyson Foods has “dropped Labour Day for Eid al-Fitr, an Islamic holiday” — your guess as to the source of that un-American spelling of “labour” is as good as ours. (And no, of course it’s not true.)

Here, have a sample of their authentic White-Power Derp:

Southern nationalists are going to make the case that what the US Federal Government is doing, with the full support of Left-wing groups and the US media, is morally wrong. It is displacing a unique people and culture. It is replacing one people with another, actively opposing the interests of Southerners. And it is funding this action with the tax money of the people of Tennessee and at the same time restricting their right of free speech and free association. The entire fiasco is wrong and immoral. We invite those concerned about these troubling developments to stand with us in Tennessee. Make your voice heard; don’t passively accept being replaced in your own land.

Yes, they are on the internet, posting publicly their plans to gather together and protest how the mean old race-mixers are crushing their rights to free speech and free association. Also, we think it would be pretty awesome if some Cherokee and Shawnee folks could make it out from Oklahoma to have a word with these dinguses about what “being replaced in your own land” actually means.

By Doktor Zoom

[League of the South via Southern Beale]