Watch: Though he claims he’s no 2nd Amendment stalwart, the NRA gives Bernie Sanders an even C-

Though democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) interrupted Little Village correspondent Stacey Walker to deny ever having been afforded high marks from any entity in the gun lobby, the NRA grants the Democratic Socialist a C- rating — a grade as substantially lower than any GOP candidates’ as it is higher than any current Democratic contender for the White House.

“I come from a state that has virtually no gun control,” Sanders says of Vermont, though he claims he understands the difference between the largely rural New England state’s hunting-related 2nd amendment needs and the gun violence waged in urban America.

Here, Sanders discussed his votes in favor of strong, instant background checks for firearm purchases, and his rationale for voting to ban certain assault weapons in the state of Vermont:

Video: Sara Tate, PATV Channel 18, Iowa City, IA
Interview: Stacey Walker, Friday Sept. 4, 2015
Location: CSPS/Legion Arts, Cedar Rapids, IA

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