Watch an Iowa man propose via New Year’s Eve flash mob

A West Des Moines resident proposed to his girlfriend amid a flash mob of more than 100 people this New Year’s Eve, and the footage is pretty adorable.

Groom-to-be Sean Ratliff incorporated dancers from Becky Nalevanko’s Dance and Tumbling studio along with choreography by his friend Carlton Oglesby, KCCI reports. With the help of his co-conspirators and to the delight of those watching, Ratliff popped the question on New Year’s Eve in Des Moine’s Valley West Mall.

Ratliff’s fiancée was completely caught off guard, telling KCCI that she thought she was at the mall to watch a regular dance performance.

In the video, Ratliff is seen joining in toward the end of the routine as the attention begins to focus on both him and his girlfriend, standing nearby. Surrounded by a group of performers, Ratliff then bends down and pops the question to his weepy bride-to-be.

Everybody applauds. Everybody wins. Happy 2014!

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