Christmas in the Amana Colonies

A thick sheet of slush lines 220th Trail, the road that runs through the Amana Colonies. It’s Dec. 13th, 2017, close enough to Christmas that I’m excited, but not too excited, for the seven inches of snow now filling my boots. Naturally, I’ve lost my parents on our annual Prelude to Christmas trip; luckily, I […]

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UR Here: Finding the nativity in your own community

Whether one believes in the literal or religious truth of the Christmas story or not, it remains a powerful and influential tale, obviously for Christians, but even for many non-Christians. Over the years, as the Yuletide celebration commences, I have often discovered new ideas in this simple yet profound tale. This year, the story of the nativity has helped me understand something about what is important for community. […]

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N.S.F.W: Keeping the holidays hot

NSFW Holiday Edition!

Let’s be honest: When we think of the holiday season, it’s not exactly the sexiest time of year. Family, too much rich food, “O Christmas Tree” on an endless loop, shopping crowds, snow and ice and early sunset, endless travel: It’s exhausting and stressful. Here are some tips to keep your holidays as sensual and […]

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