Vinyl heads unite! Bring Your Own Record night debuts at Gabe’s this Tuesday

Bring Your Own Record Night
Dust off that Vinyl and get your ass to Gabe’s this Tuesday! — photo by Brian Turner

Bring Your Own Record Night

Gabe’s — Tuesday, May 20 at 8 p.m.

Tired of being under the thumb of the Spotify, Pandora or Soundcloud algorithms? All the more reason to check out Gabe’s this Tuesday between 8 p.m. and midnight for the first Bring Your Own Record night of the year.

Similar to the Facebook group founded by Pitchfork writer Marc Masters called “Now Playing,” in which members take photographs of the records they’re playing at that very moment, this Bring Your Own Record night is less about curation and more about enthusiasm — sharing deep cuts, rarities, and outright strange records, as well as the classics. It should be a great way to discover new music that you might never have crossed paths with. Judging from the posts on “Now Playing,” though, it seems like there could just be a whole bunch of obscure Sun City Girls releases getting played — although, hey, that’d be pretty cool, too.

According to the event hosts, all genres, levels of difficulty and number of inches are welcome, just as long as they’re from your collection and you’re okay with them being handled on someone else’s decks. Also, no lathe cuts (don’t wanna hurt any needles, y’hear?). If this night is a success, this could be a twice-monthly thing, so come on out and prove how cool of a record collection you have!

Gabe’s will have $3 PBR tallboys and $3 Jim Beams, too, so if you’re more a fan of drinking than vinyl, there’s still plenty of reason to come out.

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