Video premiere: Anthony Worden, ‘Hang Tuff’

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Album Release Show: Anthony Worden and the Illiterati w/ American Cream

Trumpet Blossom Cafe — Friday, Sept. 21 at 9 p.m., $7 cover

Anthony Worden performs with the Illiterati at the 2018 Grey Area festival. Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018. — photo by Zak Neumann

Even as Little Village reviewer Paul Osgerby called out the influences on Anthony Worden’s debut disc, Ideal Conceptions of the Beautiful and Good, last year — Lou Reed, David Bowie, Johnny Marr — he also caught hold of its essence: “The colloquial delivery of lyrics [on “Who’s Who”],” he wrote, “also provides something of a thesis statement for the album: It’s no one’s business to question identity and how we enforce our identity.”

That same “thesis” is back in full force for Worden’s upcoming sophomore effort. And for Slouching Towards Tomorrow, due to drop Sept. 21, Worden tapped Osgerby to write an album bio: “[Worden’s] advocacy for DIY show spaces in town has led him to perform alongside various inflections of rock and roll, from the psychedelic to singer-songwriters. He’s allowed these influences to shape the trajectory of his newest full-length release … Where Ideal Conceptions of the Beautiful and Good was composed with a finger on the pulse of canonical and indie rock, Worden’s sequel gives us that same delicate swagger but enveloped in textures both angular and capacious.”

“Delicate swagger” is the perfect turn of phrase to capture the first single off of Slouching Towards Tomorrow (which is available for preorder now). Little Village is pleased to present the video premiere of “Hang Tuff.” The video was conceived by Josh De Lanoit, a veteran of Elizabeth Moen videos. He developed the project with actors Sirena Lindsay and Austin Smoldt-Saenz.

“I had no real involvement in the making of the video but I think it captures the whimsical nature of the music while also showing us to ‘hang tuff’ and be the person you want to be/create the environment you want to exist in despite diversions,” Worden said. “Really gotta give a shout out to Sirena Lindsay for acting the heck out of the video,” he added.

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