Trumpet blossom presents a night of world music

Salaam plays Iowa City
Salaam is coming off the recent release of their eighth album. — photo courtesy of Salaam

The Trumpet Blossom will be hosting the Bloomington-based band Salaam this Saturday for a night of world music and dance with additional performances by Mona N’Wal and Kahraman Dance Studio.

The band’s name comes from the Arabic word for “peace” and their musical style is representative of that — drawing deeply disparate sounds and genres together and letting them co-exist peacefully. The seven-piece group are noted for their unique blending of a Middle Eastern sounds (complete with traditional instruments such as the santoor, the oud, and the joza) with jazz and blues.

Salaam recently released their eighth album, Train to Basra and Other Stories, to critical acclaim. NPR selected it as a “must-hear International album” of the year, noting the group has a “propensity for musical experimentation,” and adding, “the textures are surprising and yet light and lovely.”

If the prospect of traditional Middle Eastern songs sounds daunting, Salaam has no interest in leaving their audiences in the dark. Iraqi-American bandleader Dena El Saffar frequently gives information about the pieces they play, placing them in contexts that anyone can understand.

The show begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are available in advance at Trumpet Blossom for $20, with tickets at the door priced at $25.

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