Tonight at the Yacht Club: Celebrate Independence Eve with the River Monks

The River Monks
Check out the music video for “I am a Lake” by The River Monks.

The River Monks

The Yacht Club — Thursday, July 3 at 9 p.m.

The River Monks will be setting off the proverbial fireworks tonight at the Yacht Club with their intricate and polished folk rock, while Brooks Strause and the Gory Details, Dylan Sires and Neighbors, and Crystal City will round out the rest of the night.

Based out of Des Moines, The River Monks are a six-piece “mega folk” band that specialize in breathtaking harmonies and unique song structures. The band just released their sophomore effort, Home is the House, an album of winding, ever-surprising songs in the vein of Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes. It’s already received a bit of acclaim, with the album’s debut single “Beasts” getting a fair amount of online coverage after its premiere on USA Today.

The group formed in 2010 as a trio and immediately began recording their debut album, Jovials, before their line-up doubled in size. Even if you think you’re unfamiliar with the band, fans of Iowa Public Radio have certainly heard the group before — they wrote and recorded the theme music for the programs “Talk of Iowa” and “River to River.” Pretty cool, right?

The show begins at 9 p.m. with a ticket price of $7. For how many talented musicians will be playing, this will be a perfect show to catch after the first night of Jazz Fest winds down.

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