Thriftmart, Joppa’s nonprofit thrift store, to open in Des Moines on Thursday

A volunteer organizes clothes at Thriftmart, Joppa’s new nonprofit thrift store in Des Moines. — via Joppa Outreach on Facebook

There’s almost nothing more satisfying to a shopper than when money from your purchases goes towards supporting a cause — especially when that cause is hyper-local, benefitting folks that live right in your community. Luckily for Des Moines residents, a new thrift store is opening on Euclid Avenue that offers just such an opportunity.

Thriftmart is a nonprofit thrift store owned by Joppa, an organization in Des Moines that has been fighting houselessness in Des Moines by providing food, education and access to rent-controlled housing. All proceeds from the thrift store go directly back to fund Joppa’s mission.

The thrift store is supplied by Joppa Partners, and donated items match quality standards. Unsold items go directly to people in need, so nothing is wasted, according to Thriftmart’s website.

Thriftmart will have a grand opening ceremony at 9:50 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 20. In addition to being able to shop, there will also be opportunities to bring in donations to the donation center or sign up for volunteer shifts. The first 100 people to arrive at the store on Thursday morning will receive 20 percent off their purchase.