Think Globally, Ink Locally

What could be more Iowa City than hitting the Farmer’s Market Saturday Morning for fresh produce and one of those awesome vegetarian breakfast burritos, and then stopping into the New Pioneer Co Op for cilantro to go with the tomatoes, onions and chiles you just bought?

Well if you’re the lovely tattooed lady Sophia Aley, you can do that, AND you can be rocking your Iowa City colors on your shoulder:

Sophia told me that the two states with stars are for her two homes — Iowa City and (I think) Roanoke, Virginia. “Amor Fati” means “love your fate.”

EDIT: I heard back from Sophia and she has some corrections:
‘1) amor fati means “the love of one’s fate”
2) And, it was Christiansburg/Blacksburg, VA. Where Virginia Tech is.’