The Weekender Nov 27-Nov30

Imagine that I’m telling you all these things while turkeys are getting slaughtered in the background. Or maybe not. This weekend’s entertainment pickings are a bit slimmer than usual. The Picador used to always have some sort of oddball townie one-off show on Thanksgiving, but not this year! The Mill has no entertainment, though you can still get food and beverages in the front room, and check out all the other people who have nowhere else to go. Or those who need to get sloppy drunk after forced gaiety with their dysfunctional family unit. So Thursday is a DEAD LOSS, folks! I mean, except for your Norman-Rockwell-esque feasting with the familial unit….


The Mill has Kevin Gordon with Kellie Pardekooper opening. Gordon got his start playing with Bo Ramsey a long-ass time ago, and has moved to Nashville and made good. I expect a rootsy, folky time will be had by all.

At The Yacht Club Dave Zollo and Shame Train. Dave Zollo is a 1/2 generation down from Kevin Gordon, and yet he also played with Bo Ramsey. He also founded Trailer Records, which has put out CDs by his own self and many local luminaries. Zollo is a natural-born musician, who seems to fade into the woodwork if he isn’t sitting in front of keyboard, singing. Shame Train is led by local luminary and sound guy for the Mill, Sam Knutson, and their laid back style complements Zollo’s.


The Mill has Wylde Nept, veteran performers of traditional and original Irish folk music. If that’s your thing go on down and raise your flagon high. At The Yacht Club Samba Nosso play Brazilian-tinged jazz. Openening are Jumbies find their inspirations the other side of the equator in the Caribbean.

The Picador is back in action with an early show featuring Dropping Daylight a major-label act that no one over 20 years old has probably heard of. The late show, though, is my personal pick of the week, an event titled “Wanksgiving.” Featuring local metal and hard rock luminaries Petit Mal, Burnout, Snow Demon, and Acoustic Guillotine, this is the show is a family affair. This will totally rule.


Stay in and recover from Wanksgiving, or if you’re ambitious (and way younger than I) attend the early show at the Picador. The Classic Crime with A Change of Pace, These Green Eyes, Throw the Fight, Tyler Read. All these bands share extreme youth, good lucks, and an affection for a particular kind of chunky rhythm guitar overdrive. I’m sorry, but I actually listened at each of these bands websites, and they all seem perfectly competent, but do absolutely nothing for me. Probably every 15 year old in town knows all their songs by heart, and already has the T Shirt. Oh, and The Classic Crime latest release is a CD/T Shirt combo!

I’m probably showing my age making fun of these all-ages lineups, but they all sound like music custom made for teen TV show angsty montages. I just don’t get it, and maybe that’s the point. Anyway, I doubt any high school kids are reading this blog anyway, and they don’t need Little Village to find a show to go to. It all comes directly to them on their iPhones!

Anyway the only other thing happening Sunday is the Mill’s Sunday Night Pub Quiz! Win cash prizes for your knowledge of useless trivia! And have a beer and some cheesie bread!

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