The Mission Creek Experience, Days Five and Six (VIDEO)

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The Mission Creek Festival has finally come to an end, and what a festival it was. Featuring over 100 musical performances, I spent six days endlessly jumping from venue to venue and still managed to miss out on a sizable chunk of the show. What I did happen to catch, however, was enough to leave my eardrums ringing for days. Having now had the respite of a holiday weekend to recover, lets jump in, shall we?

April 2

Public Space One, the first stop of the night, once again pulled through with a nice lineup of local artists including Christopher the Conquered and Roommate, featured below. These groups, Christopher the Conquered in particular, managed to pull in a sizable group of devoted fans who sang along and danced without shame, adding a nice bit of excitement to an otherwise subdued venue.

We have received confirmation from Roommate’s lead vocalist, Kent Lambert, that his mother has seen the following video of her son performing, and she did, in fact, love it.

The Yacht Club had a relatively slow night–that is, relative to the previous night’s brutal (or dirty, if you prefer) mix session by the Bomb Squad. Still, despite the holiday exodus, a nicely sized crowd eventually turned up by the time local jam group The GGlitch made it to the stage.

David Bess, founder of the local Public Property, performed a solo act earlier in the night–albeit accompanied by looping equipment.

The Mill took a night off of what’s largely been an indie folk-rock sort of affair and instead featured the Meat Puppets. Web Editor Matt Steele already mentioned the quintessential “We’re not worthy” moment of the show, wherein the southern-style rock group broke out the very same guitar featured in the famous Nirvana episode of MTV Unplugged. I’ll admit, begrudgingly, that I missed the much-vaunted moment amidst my constant venue-hopping.

What I did happen to catch, though, was good fun.

As the festival carries on, each night has its own high points. Recounting Bomb Squad’s April 1 performance at The Yacht Club was a big conversation starter among the Little Village crowd, but VV Brown and Little Dragon may have usurped our new dubstepping friends from New York.

Capping off one of the most lively night of Mission Creek pop thus far, Brown joined forces with Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano toward the end of the night, forming, for just a few moments, some sort of euro-electro-R&B supergroup. This was something I and other attendees were quite alright with.

Check out video from either of their sets below. The chorus of the VV Brown song “Everybody,” featured in the video, has already sunk its hooks into me.

April 3

Lets start with a couple of clips from The Mill of Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons, who followed the always-talented always-retro Diplomats of Solid Sound. Chisel’s raspy brand of mellow folk rock, fortified by a sizable mid-set shot of tequila, was an appropriate postlude to the festival.

Looking back at the Little Village Twitter stream from this evening’s events, it quickly became apparent that I had missed out on quite a bit at Gabe’s. After catching a good portion of Grant Hart’s terrific solo performance, shown below, I left to catch another act without realizing that a scheduling change meant that Hart was not, in fact, the last to come on stage that night.

I later learned that I missed an apparently impromptu fireworks display put on by The Tanks, who followed Hart’s performance, leading to much coughing and confusion on the show floor. What a sight this must have been. What a video this could have been.

Next, it’s the ever-faithful Public Space One, where I happen to catch Jeff Ray and Golden Birds both doing there thing on stage (show below). I’ll feel vindicated if just one Jeff Ray fan has a better day because of the following video. As he and Camera Obscura, who headlined at the Blue Moose Tap House, were on their respective stages around the same time, my footage of the latter has a certain “I showed up at the last minute and filmed the last two songs from the back of the room” quality to it. This is because I showed up at the last minute and filmed the last two songs from the back of the room.

Wrapping things up at The Blue Moose Tap House were the aforementioned Camera Obscura, who attracted what may have been the largest crowd of the festival. I, unfortunately, did not catch enough of the show to have a very firm account of it, but you know we have you covered, right?

And so, the festival has come to an end. It is bittersweet, no? Sure, Sunday night marked the first time in the better part of a week where I wasn’t up until the early morning editing video, yet a certain part of me fell in love with that routine. I’ll miss rushing home at 2 a.m. to watch the evening’s recordings, much in the same way a child rushes home on Halloween night to check out the candy stash. Most of all I’ll miss the crop of stories that dripped in each day, written by our excellent contributors, from Matte Steel’s letter to David Bazan, to Kent Williams’ incredibly thoughtful show retrospectives.

Until next year. . .

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