That 1 Guy: Gabe’s 4/25/10 (VIDEO)

Classically trained bassist Mike Silverman, known as That 1 Guy, gave Gabe’s a taste of his Magic Pipe Sunday night. By that, we of course mean his homemade dual steel pipes, featuring multiple trigger points for samples and effects, two orchestral bass strings and a few helpings of ingenuity.

The Magic Pipe was accompanied by a few other Silverman signature instruments. When he wasn’t banging, strumming and tapping on his man-sized creation, Silverman took time to play a cowboy boot–plugged directly into the Gabe’s sound system via his Magic Pipe–not to mention pulling out a musical saw to give us a little Wizard of Oz throwback. Check out the next clip for a a portion of his song “Buttmachine”–a consumerist culture critique featured on the Showtime program Weeds–as well as the famed Magic Saw.

Silverman has either a grudge against guitar picks or an affinity for playing cards. Either way, the latter was his strumming implement of choice. Check out our final clip to see That 1 Guy giving Black Sabbath a little love before proving that a deck of cards can, in fact, be “totally metal”.

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