Take a bus to your polling place for free on Tuesday in Iowa City and Coralville

Iowa City’s new electric bus debuts on the Downtown Shuttle route, photographed on Jan. 31, 2022, in Iowa City, Iowa. — Adria Carpenter/Little Village

To make it easier for voters to get to polls on Election Day, Iowa City Transit and Coralville Transit are both making all bus rides free on Tuesday. All city buses in both cities, regardless of whether they are serving a polling place, will be free, and riders do not have show any ID or declare any intent to vote — just get on the bus. (Of course, voters will still have to show ID to an election worker in order to get a ballot at their polling place.)

Some polling places have changed since the last general election, so anyone unsure about the where to go to vote on Election Day, or just wanting to reassure themselves of the location before heading to the bus stop, can find their polling place by entering their street address in the Johnson County Auditor’s online look-up tool.

Buses in both cities will running on their regular weekday schedules. Polls open for voters at 7 a.m. on Tuesday and close at 8 p.m., although if you are in line to vote at closing time, you will still be allowed to cast your ballot.

According to Iowa City Transit, these are the bus routes serving polling locations, and the nearest stops to disembark.

01: Lemme Elementary, 11 Rocherter/Stop7434 (E Washington and Dartmouth St)

02: Horn Elementary, Route 12-Highway 1/Stop 8236 (Benton St and Emerald St)

03: Petersen Hall , Route 8-Oakcrest/Stop 8100 (Grand Ave and UIHC Emergency Entrance)

04: UI Visual Arts Route 10‐West Iowa City/ Stop 0146 (Iowa Ave at English Philosophy Building)

05: Catlett Hall Route 11‐Rochester/Stop 1367 (Madison St at IMU)

06: Mercer Park Aquatic Center, Route 9‐Towncrest/Stop 7261 (Wayne Ave and Arthur St)

07: West High , Route 12‐Hwy 1/Stop 8242 (Westwinds Dr and Melrose Ave)

08: Weber Elementary , Route 10‐West Iowa City/Stop 8346 (Rohret Rd across from school)

09: UI Athletics Hall of Fame, Route 10‐West Iowa City/Stop 8353 (Melrose Ave and Finkbine Ln)

10: Terry Trueblood Park , Route 13‐SouthGilbert/Stop 7452 (McCollister Blvd and South Gilbert)

11: CRWC , Route 13‐South Gilbert/Stop 7080 (UI Main Library)

12: Grant Wood Elementary, Route 1‐South Iowa City/Stop 8066 (Lakeside Dr and Reagal Ln)

13: First Mennonite Church Route 12‐Hwy 1/Stop 8002 (Riverside Dr and Myrtle Ave)

14: Kirkwood CC , Route 5‐Lower Muscatine/Stop 7005 (Kirkwood Community College)

15: Environmental Education Center , Route 1‐South Iowa City/Stop 7132 (Heinz Rd and Scott Blvd)

16: Hoover Elementary , Route 9‐Towncrest/Stop 8080 (Village Green Blvd and Muscatine Ave)

17: Our Redeemer Lutheran Church , Route 2‐Court St /Stop 7310 (Court St and First Ave)

18: Longfellow Elementary, Route 9‐Towncrest/Stop7247 (Burlington St and Summit St)

19: Robert A.Lee Rec. Center, Route 9‐Towncrest/Stop 7243 (Burlington St and Gilbert St)

20: IC Senior Center , Route 9‐Towncrest/Stop 7200 (Washington St and Linn St)

21: Mann Elementary Route 7‐North Dodge/Stop 7534 (North Dodge St and Church St)

22: Parkview Church , Route 6‐Peninsula/Stop 8079 (Foster Rd and Laura Dr)

23: ICCSD Main Office , Route ‐North Dodge/Stop 7510 (ICCSD Office)

24: St. Patrick Church , Route 2‐Court St/Stop 7339 (York Pl and Brentwood Ln)

25: UI Psychology Building , Route 7‐North Dodge/Stop 7401 (Jefferson St and Linn St)

26: West High , Route 12‐Hwy 1/Stop 8242 (Westwinds Dr and Melrose Ave)

27: Purpose Place Route 1‐South Iowa City/Stop 7027 (Southgate Ave and Keokuk St)

Because Iowa City has limited bus service, not all the routes will be running during all the hours the polls are open. Bus route 7-North Dodge, which stops at polling spots in Precincts 21, 23 and 25 stops running at 7:30 p.m., a half-hour before voting stops. Route 11-Rochester serving Precincts 1 and 5, stops at 7 p.m. Route 13-South Gilbert begins service 15 minutes after the polls open and finishes 15 minutes before they close. That route makes stops at Precincts 10 and 11.

Buses in Coralville run from 5:25 a.m. to midnight on weekdays, so they will be in service the whole time polls are open on Election Day. But because the city has only a few routes, just three of its nine polling places are located next to bus stops.

Iowa River Landing and Night routes will stop at Coralville Precinct 1, which is located at the Hyatt Regency on E 9th Street, and Precinct 4 at the Coralville Public Library on 5th Street. Voters headed to Precinct 3 at Kirkwood Regional Center on Oakdale Blvd can take CAMBUS on its Route-34 Research Park bus. CAMBUS is always free.