Johnson County Auditor’s Office warns about misleading information on voting

The Johnson County Auditor’s Office warned on Tuesday that incorrect information about voting is being circulated. “Our office has received reports that voters have received absentee ballot requests which have incorrect return addresses,” the auditor’s office said in an email. “If you get an unsolicited absentee request by mail, make sure the return address is to the correct county auditor before mailing it in. […]

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Letter to the editor: No excuses, Iowa City. Show up to vote.

Apparently 90 percent of the eligible voters in Iowa City forgot that yesterday was the day to vote for the vacant city council seat. Or maybe the five minutes it took to vote early for weeks now at the Johnson County Administration building was just to long of a wait. Really? For a county that holds itself out as an example to all other counties in Iowa, this is embarrassing to say the least. Iowa City, a city that prides itself on its social activism and political involvement. A city whose citizens constantly pontificate that they want to be leaders in legislation and want a transparent government and active participation. […]

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Ani DiFranco, feminist icon and ‘righteous babe,’ will present a softer sound at the Englert

With the release of her 20th studio album, Binary (2017), singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco brought a few new politically-prescient, strongly feminist songs into the world, but with a softer side than some of the frenetic albums from earlier in her career. […]

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