Letter to the editor: An endorsement from Zach Wahls’ seventh-grade teacher

With Zach’s passionate interest in community affairs, his educational background and his ability to connect with all groups and listen to community concerns, I see Zach as the strongest candidate to represent us in the state legislature. I think its essential for us as a community to give all the supports we can for this young passionate voice that will be our senator in Des Moines. […]

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Letter to the editor: Zach Wahls is an inspirational leader

The choice in the Democratic primary for Senate district 37 on June 5 is not an easy one. We have strong candidates, with numerous varied strengths. I am writing to express my support for Zach Wahls. Zach’s passion, intelligence and dedication to issues such as mental health, social justice and supporting children and families with disabilities are, frankly, inspiring. I hope, prior to deciding how to cast your vote, you take an opportunity to meet Zach and discuss issues important to you. […]

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Letter to the editor: Zach Wahls is a bright future for Iowa

We are writing to support Zach Wahls’ candidacy for Iowa Senate. Zach grew up in our neighborhood, attended the same schools as our children, and his family still lives nearby. Zach has been an active community advocate for many years. At a young age he showed courage, maturity, and conviction addressing the Iowa Legislature, standing up to discrimination, and making a real difference in the lives of many Iowans who were facing inequity. […]

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