Mission Creek Festival Spotlight: Divine Fits

Divine Fits

The Divine Fits, a supergroup encompassing Spoon’s Britt Daniel, Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner and Sam Brown of the New Bomb Turks, are coming to the Blue Moose Tap House on Friday, April 5. The group has already released one critically-acclaimed album since forming in 2012, and we expect this to be one of the more memorable performances of Mission Creek 2013. […]

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On the Beat: Summer listening guide

Summer in the Clubs! Live Music Venue GUIDE Iowa City is what is known in the biz as a ‘small market.’ Acts on national tours book shows in Iowa City based on it’s geographical position within a half-day’s drive of […]

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Iowa City Weekender: November 18-21

Bundle up and get to these events. You can shake your groove thing, laugh, hear beautiful songs, see amazing things, or remember how hard it was to be 10. All of these are better ideas that sitting in your house this weekend. […]

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Show Preview: Wolf Parade at the Englert, Nov. 18

Wolf Parade conquers the stereotype of a super-group. While most eventually suffer from clashing egos, fall into an indistinct sound, or just become bad, Wolf Parade has managed to consistently put out a sound that is definitely their own. The creative minds of its members are each represented and fleshed out, sonically eliminating the ego problem. […]

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