Iowa City Weekender: February 28 – March 1

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Weekender. Starting with Thursday, Alex and Francis White of the “fiery” bother/sister duo White Mystery will be heading to The Mill alongside Good Habits and We Shave. Details of this show and more after the jump. […]

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Show Photos: Caterwaulla, Skye Carrasco, Liberty Leg, White Mystery @ Gabe’s – 3/2

Caterwaulla, Skye, Liberty Leg and those crazy redheads that make up White Mystery rocked my socks off Friday night. I felt like it was my official kickoff to the very musical month of March. Caterwaulla is the youngest of the […]

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Show Photos: Firecracker 500 Garage Rock Fest: Day 3 – 7/3/11

The final night of the Firecracker 500 was just as intense as the first two. This three-day event stands as another testament to the beauty of the music scene in this great little town of ours. We are lucky to be in a spot that draws in (and keeps) so many talented, passionate musicians. But you already know that. […]

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