The Stage: Love and Dysfunction From Across the Globe

  Big Love March 29-April 14 University of Iowa Theatre Building, David Thayer Theatre  More than film, literature, painting or almost any medium, theatre is a living, breathing art form. We see the performers on stage, we share a space with them, connect directly to them and, through this connection, also connect to the very […]

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Obama in IC – The Protesters

Like most of the 13,000 or so people who requested a ticket to see Obama speak, I didn’t get in. So I chose to take some pictures outside.

The curious thing about Iowans — they’re polite! The Anti- and Pro-Healthcare Reform protesters were standing shoulder to shoulder. Not only that, unlike what we’ve seen […]


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UI Flashes Cash, Orders Bijou to Suck It

Yet another statement in support of the First Amendment and the Bijou’s right to bare skin Ah, Valentine’s Day, the Hallmark-approved day to celebrate love in all its many forms. Well, not all, if you’re the University of Iowa’s Tom Rocklin. Rocklin recently decided to cancel the Bijou Theatre’s showing of the 3-D camp porn […]

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Iowa City Weekender: December 10-13

Who needs shopping malls when you’ve got more art per square inch than any other town on the planet!
– Graduate Painting open house this Friday
– Get all yer holiday shopping done this weekend at W.A.L.O.C. 6 and Eastside Artists
– Oh, and live music? Warm up your weekend with the Caribbean funk of Jumbies, for free at the Yacht Club tonight, then curl up with Cuddle Magic this Saturday at the Mill […]

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Iowa City Weekender: October 8-10

Good Weekend to You, Weekenders! First, a mighty huge thank you to Drug Rug for the kick ass in-studio set on last night’s edition of Little Village Radio, on KRUI.  If you were at their show at The Picador last night, with Portugal. the man, you know this band is for real.  For those of […]

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Iowa City Weekender – September 24-27

This week’s Weekender is brought to you by Riverside Theatre So, we’re one month into the fall semester, and everyone should have their bearings by now.  If you are still paying cover at bars that offer neither a dj nor a band: Fail.  If you are starting tailgating at 6 am and surviving all the […]

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