DMPA premieres August Wilson poetry set to dance and jazz with ‘Pieces of My Heart’

Editors’ Pick When playwright August Wilson died in 2005, he left behind more than just a powerful and unparalleled body of work examining the consciousness of Black America. Wilson, who started his writing career as a poet, also gifted the […]

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Slaughter City opens Thursday at the UI Theatre Building

Slaughter City

The theatre has provided a forum for exploring labor issues ever since the heyday of the “workers’ theatre” movement in the 1920s and ’30s. Many plays during this period were influenced by the theories of German playwright Bertolt Brecht, who believed that theatre should engage audiences intellectually in order to inspire them to act after the curtain falls. In 1935, Clifford Odets ended his play Waiting for Lefty by having the actors urge the audience to leave the theatre shouting, “Strike! Strike!” […]

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The Stage: Dazzling debuts this month in theatre

The Whipping Man

The holidays are over, school is back in session and local theatres have seemingly decided to declare Jan. 24 as “Play Premiere Day.” Boot up your Google Calendars to make room in your schedule for these productions. The Whipping Man […]

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