‘Apple Season’ is moving and restrained

Iowa City needs new work. We are a City of Literature, a city of curation, a city of having written — new work shakes us out of our steadiness and surety and forces us to contemplate the glorious mess of process. It gifts us with those nuggets of honesty that can be sluiced away by a deluge of revision or buried deep beneath layers of polish. […]

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Love is in the air: ‘I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change’ delightful seasonal fare

‘I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change’ is part of Old Creamery’s VIP (Very Intimate Performance) series which has shrunk the theater; the audience finds themselves on what is normally the stage.There is no fourth wall from the start of the play. This is an intimate show where the actors perform without amplification and interact with the audience. […]

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TCR’s ‘My Fair Lady’ is a must-see

Some musicals you go to every time they come around. They are the classics that never disappoint. ‘My Fair Lady,’ directed at TCR by Angie Toomsen with music direction by Cameron Sullenberger, is no exception. The entire ensemble from cast to musicians to techies are to be commended on an outstanding performance. […]

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