Album Reviews: The Feralings — The Feralings

Iowa City folkies the Feralings released their highly anticipated debut EP last October, a collection of six gorgeous tracks that’s stylistically scattered but so tightly woven and so cleanly mixed and mastered (I hope we hear a lot more from Ben Schmidt and Rescued Rabbit Studio) that the diversity has the feel of a carefully curated sampler. […]

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Jes Raymond & the Blackberry Bushes come to the Mill this Friday

Jes Raymond & the Blackberry Bushes The Mill — Friday, Oct. 14 at 9 p.m. When it comes to Americana, Jes Raymond and the Blackberry Bushes, hailing from the wilds of Seattle, WA, run the gamut of influences, with hints of everything from gospel and bluegrass to jazz and psychedelia. They will be hosted by […]

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