Riverside Theatre restores something much missed to the community with ‘The Winter’s Tale’

Adam Knight’s smile was as bright as the sunny evening sky while we chatted for a few moments ahead of the opening night (July 15) performance of Riverside Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale on the Festival Stage in […]

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Honor and duty are deeply examined in Riverside’s amazingly accessible romp of a ‘Henry IV Part 1’

There were moments of sheer unplanned magic in the opening night performance of Henry IV Part 1. But there were also moments of genuine theater magic as well — scenes that stood out even in an overall strong production. There are a lot of good reasons to see Riverside’s ‘Henry IV Part 1.’ But the most amazing thing about it is the role it plays in our community. […]

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You should see her in a crown: Katy Hahn leads Riverside Theatre’s ‘Henry IV, Part I’

In Iowa, there is a small, but growing, community of artists who have no “day job.” It’s into this mad amalgam of a gig economy that theater artist Katy Hahn found herself thrust several years ago. “A question that people ask me a lot is, how do I do it? I say, don’t try to take the same path!”

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Rap is the language we speak in Riverside Theatre’s ‘Bomb-itty of Errors’

The Bomb-itty of Errors, adapted by the Q Brothers, opens Friday evening June 23, the second summer production of Riverside Theatre in the Park. Director Postell Pringle explains that “this is a hip-hop musical, a clown show and mistaken identity romp of a comedy.”

It is also an “ad-rap-tation” of William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, which is itself an adaptation of the Roman playwright Plautus’ Menaechmi. The play is a comedy of mistaken identity — two sets of identical twin brothers with shared names are reintroduced to each other after two decades of separation. One set are settled members of their community of Ephesus, while the other are happy-go-lucky drifters from Syracuse. […]

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