Grinnell College sexual health information center reopens after shutdown by administrators

The Sexual Health Information Center (SHIC) at Grinnell College reopened on Jan. 29 after the administration closed the office and suspended operations “indefinitely” less than a week earlier. The student-led organization is now limited in the scope to their activities, raising serious questions about SHIC’s future and student autonomy at Grinnell. SHIC started as part […]

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‘Sex Education’ and you

My new favorite show is Sex Education on Netflix. The series follows the insanely adorable and awkward Otis, who teams up with his brilliant, badass classmate Maeve to start a super secret sex therapy clinic. Otis uses knowledge picked up from his mother’s sex therapy business to guide his classmates through their sexual insecurities and quandaries.


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Let’s talk about multiple orgasms

“Don’t hold back. Give yourself permission to delve as deeply as possible into your biggest and strongest orgasm. Keep going beyond your threshold, beyond what you thought you were capable of.” —Annie Sprinkle There’s nothing like the giddy excitement of discussing good sex with a group of girlfriends. In a recent conversation, the topic of […]

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Dear Kiki: The Trouble with Kids

Dear Kiki

Dear Kiki, I think my kids (we have three, all boys under 12) can hear us having sex. Is this going to scar them forever? My husband says he’s kind of glad they’ve heard a real woman experiencing real pleasure, but I just don’t know. Signed, Too Loud Dear Honeybee, There are two things here: […]

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