Screenshot: Saving Private Rohrer

At the 2009 Game Developers’ eXchange (GDX), indie developer Jason Rohrer gave a unique talk that you should definitely check out on YouTube, whether you are into video games or you think they are just stupid entertainment for teen boys and young adults, called “‘Game’ and Other Four-Letter Words.” Rohrer is mostly known for Passage, […]

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Screenshot: Welcome to the New Dungeon

Repeat after me: Gary Gygax. Again: Gary Gygax. If you know who Gygax is, you’re probably smiling; if not, here’s a clue: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), the fantasy role-playing game that rocked the gaming scene in the 1970s and ’80s. You know, best board game e-v-e-r: nerds impersonating elves and dwarves stranded in a dungeon […]

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Screenshot: Level Up

1981 was the year of the cyborg. Three year’s before Gibson’s Neuromancer, at that moment, the word “cyberpunk” didn’t exist and most people knew the “mouse” only as a puffy mammal, but the explosion of arcade games was accelerating the blend of man and machine through increasingly intimate human-machine experiences. Still, at the end of […]

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