Letter to the editor: Encourage local voting at Community Rocks! Rally

If you follow voting numbers, you’ll see that people come out in the largest numbers for presidential elections.

The next largest group of voters come out every couple years for state elections, and the smallest group of voters come out for local elections.

If you follow progress of any community, you’ll find that the higher the percentage of eligible voters traveling to the polls to assert their opinion, the more reflective the elected leaders are of the community they serve. […]

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Civic engagement and plenty of music at Community Rocks! Rally for the School Board Vote

Fun is not a word usually associated with discussions of education policy or increasing voter turnout, but Rachel Korach Howell and Kelly Garrett wanted to change that. Community Rocks! Rally for the School Board Vote is the result. […]

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More than a dozen candidates vy for open spots on the ICCSD School Board

Ed. Note: We have received a couple of comments about this article, specifically the inclusion of personal comments about candidate Brianna Wills made by former ICCSD School Board Vice President Tuyet Baruah. We appreciate the feedback, but stand by the article as written. Baruah’s status as a public figure who served six years on the […]

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School board candidates gather tonight at the ICPL for forum on special education

Iowa City's Ped Mall

Tonight at 6 p.m., school board candidates for the Iowa City Community School District will gather at the Iowa City Public Library’s Meeting Room A to express their views on preselected subjects concerning special education in local schools. One of the primary organizers of the forum, Dina Bishara, said that each candidate was given three […]

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