Chuck Grassley defends his Clinton email probe

US Senate -- photo by Nicolas Raymond
U.S. Senate — photo by Nicolas Raymond

Sen. Chuck Grassley had another highlight reel week. He continued to defend his Hillary Clinton private email investigation, won an award, and mulled his travel options for the Republican National Convention (RNC), to be held Jul. 18 – 21.

Regarding his Clinton email probe, he responded to criticism from Sen. Harry Reid who questioned Grassley and the Judiciary Committee he chairs. Reid claims Grassley “continues to waste millions of dollars” on the Clinton probe.

”How much taxpayer money does Sen. Reid spend having his staff write daily speeches trying to undermine the work of the Judiciary Committee?” Grassley said, spinning the question on the Nevada senator.

Grassley called Reid’s comments “juvenile,” “hollow” and “nonsense.”

“Let me emphasize, the Judiciary Committee cannot ignore these important issues simply because the former secretary decided to run for president,” Grassley said. “To be perfectly clear, I started this investigation before Secretary Clinton announced her candidacy.”

Grassley has put holds on over 20 State Department nominations, citing a slow response to a request for documents on Clinton and another state department employee.

This week the senior Senator from Iowa also chatted about his travel plans for July, when the RNC will be held in Cleveland to sort delegates and crown the GOP’s nominee for the White House.

He said he is considering booking his own hotel room in Cleveland. He has not missed the RNC since 1980.

“I’ve always said at the end of the convention I’m never going to do that again, but I’ve always ended up doing it again,” he said, but this time, “I will do something different and maybe stay in hotels or motels I can buy a night at a time.”

On Thursday, Chuck Grassley was given the Justice Award from the American Bar Association, given for Grassley’s work on a “variety of issues of importance to the legal profession and the administration of justice.”

A U.S. senator since 1981, Grassley has held an elected office ever since he was an Iowa state representative from 1959-75.

I just received this honor fr the American Bar Assoc for my work on criminal justice reform as chair of Judiciary

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