Free house available in University Heights (shipping not included)

A new Marriott hotel is coming to 901 Melrose Avenue in University Heights, which means the house that’s standing there currently has to go. Normally “has to go” in these circumstances just means “will be torn down,” but the developers who own the property are giving this house a chance at a new life in […]

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The building that houses Revival and Union Bar is being sold at auction

The building on Iowa City’s pedestrian mall that houses Revival and Union Bar will be sold at auction next week. The building is divided into two parcels — 117 and 119 E College St, and 121 and 123 E College St — but will be sold as a single unit to a single buyer. […]

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Is Leonardo DiCaprio moving to Iowa City? Probably not

Attention Iowa Citians: Despite a rumor to the contrary, there is no evidence that Leonardo DiCaprio is buying a home in Iowa City. The rumor was launched by the O’Reilly Post, which calls itself a “fantasy news site.” It published a post saying that the recent Academy Award winner for Best Actor was buying a […]

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